Amely - Traveling around the Earth

Traveling around the Earth we wanna introduce you more and more awesome female DJ from all over the world! Today you have a great opportunity to discover or to learn more about a bright girl with a provocative style - Amenly.

Tell us about what happened that year? What did you achieve? how many songs did you write? how many clips were taken? have all your ideas been implemented or something left on the to-do list?

Last year I spent more time at my studio and managed to released 4 tracks . Each track is like a baby for me - that’s why I’m trying to take care of them and all the time supporting every track with new video . Last year got idea to create futuristic cartoon story for 3 clips with the same main character there - short sporty blond girl ( like me ) . Check this out on my YouTube channel.

2 tracks: “I’ll Be There” and “Love Music “ been composed last year - but released 2018. They are my favorite. Especially “I’ll Be There “ - it been in TOP 10 of future house charts on Beatport so been super profound of it !

Every year I’m making a list what shall I do to improve myself like a personally and in my career too, so still have a long of things to finish.

In which countries you have been this year and what clubs? What was special and what you feel after party, also we interesting about your rest time, where and when you take a rest?

This year been busy with my family’s and performed mostly around Malta and Ukraine (as now living between 2 countries) but still did a few tours in France, Italy, Myanmar, Indonesia and UAE. It was my first time in Myanmar so it impresed me. It’s always like this, when you are performing somewhere in your first time, but I really enjoyed, as people are very kind and really waited for me. One guy even painted my portrait and gave me before the party - it was so kind.

Rest time in new country I’m spending in museums and temples, I’m really happy to have a chance to discover the cultures and absorb traditional spirit of different countries.

What do you plan to do before the end of 2018? and what are your goals for 2019?

Now I have 2 uncomplicated Deep House tracks and waiting for the vocals for them.

Really enjoying to compose house music and planning to open for myself even more of deep and future house . Now been curious and listing a lot of house of 80-90.

Each of us has the main goal to which we are streaming, and all the achievements are small steps on the platform to her. what is your goal? Which vertices do you plan to reach?

Biggest achievement for me is the right label with right publishing team, I’m working hard to prove myself and my skills as a producer and songwriter. It’s not female job, but I have a lot of friends that are supporting me and giving they cool advices. Before completing of the track - I’m sending it to my friends to know they opinions - and it helps to improve! And my first listener is my son - if he is dancing - track is good.

Thank you so much for having me!