Kim Lee - Career of the international model is just a start for Her

But music has become a continuation of the large scale development as a Djane.

Tell us about what happened that year? What did you achieve? how many songs did you write? how many clips were taken? have all your ideas been implemented or something left on the to-do list?

Producing music has been a new challenge for me and I love challenges. It’s a exciting feeling. I actually played my EP for Dj Snake and he’s gonna release one of my Tracks on his label. I got good feedback from him which made me feel good and even more motivated. Because I'm not going to release what I do not believe in. My EP with Lil Debbie will be on Yellow Claw’s label (Barong) in October. I just got done with that project and I’m currently working on my solo EP right now. Last year I did a lot of shows and did Ultra China which was cool because it was their first one.

Each of us has the main goal to which we are streaming, and all the achievements are small steps on the platform to her. what is your goal? Which vertices do you plan to reach?

I usually just have a bunch of ideas and just do it. To me when I hear females or just people say “ You Inspire me” that’s when I know I’m doing the right thing. I been Dj’n for 5 years or more now and was in duo and now that I’m solo I’m able to create the sound that truly want and show the world what I can really do.

What do you plan to do before the end of 2018? And what are your goals for 2019?

I’m releasing two EP’s one with Lil Debbie and one solo. It’s gonna be my first solo EP so I’m really putting my all into this from visual artwork etc. 2019 I’m coming through strong with a lot of music.