Incredibly famous Katty Q

The Djane is not just girl which like play music and have ability, the djane is a cult of music industry. We found out that Katty Q had incredibly famous around the world SO LET'S FIND OUT MORE ABOUT HER IN OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW!

Tell us about what happened that year? What did you achieve? How many songs did you write? How many clips were taken? Have all your ideas been implemented or something left on the to-do list?

Hello, everyone! So far in 2018 I’ve had many gigs around the globe in many cities I’ve already been, also visited new countries, like Germany and Latvia.

I performed at a big new festival called “Lost World” in Sapporo, Japan and it was epic! I love the Japanese crowd and culture so much, Last but not least I participated in an all female DJ competition in Mumbai called “Queen Of Mash Ups” and came 4th. I released a remix on Armada Label this year as well, which was very exiting for me!

Each of us has the main goal to which we are streaming, and all the achievements are small steps on the platform to her. What is your goal? Which vertices do you plan to reach?

To be honest, I have many goals I'd like to archive, but I actually don’t put those in specific scopes, it’s depends on many different factors. Of course there is a plan to follow, as producing more music, bigger collabs, become a better performer and learn more about the industry and producing in general, plus go to places I have never been, such as the UK and USA. Else I keep to myself. Let’s talk about it next year and I’ll let you know what I have done from my list.

What do you plan to do before the end of 2018? and what are your goals for 2019?

Many tracks and remixes to be done by the end of the year. Going to work on the progress to entertain my lovely EDM crowd better.

When you decide that music is what you want to do? Maybe someone inspired you?

When I worked as a model I got to travel a lot and visit so many different events. The Dj was always a main figure who guides everyone around and made all move together, I loved it. Some day I touched DJ equipment and after that everything already is history. Music = one love!

Which of your tracks do you find most successful?

Katty Q. - Promises” released on Discovery Music USA. Works very well in small clubs or big festivals equally.

For this year you had many new acquaintances. will there be interesting collaborations in the near future?

This year I’ve been concentration on my own tracks, next year will be more tunes with other artists.

In which countries would you like to perform? Are you planning a future world tour?

USA. Haven’t been there yet and it would be amazing to perform there some day. As for now - I’m planning touristic visit there next year. As for tours, yes, next year will be definately Asia and hopefully Euro Tour again. Can’t wait for see my fans around the world!!