Native Instruments launch new Kontakt instrument, PLAYBOX

Native Instruments’ music production softwares, MASCHINE hardware, Traktor DJ equipment, and the KOMPLETE instruments & effects belong to the top tier within the music scene. Besides their newest instruments; Prime Bass, Lunar Echoes, and Stradivari Cello, they announced the 4th addition to their range of instruments. On March 23, 2022, NI released their newest randomization instrument called PLAYBOX.

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PLAYBOX is NI’s latest addition of software instruments focussing, this time, on randomization. Regardless of being a starting musician or a professional engineer, this plugin remains a challenge for everyone. Through a combination of chord generation, sample layering, FX, and randomization you will experience an unexplored world of creative possibilities. As a solution to the well-known writer’s block, NI mainly puts their focus on refreshing your workflow and sparking your creativity. Get access to 200+ chord sets, 900+ samples, and 200+ effects presets, playable with just a click of a button.

PLAYBOX’s main interface can be divided into 4 sections: Chords, Samples, Effects, and the main Control panel. By gathering the right notes you can build yourself unique chord combinations in the Chords section. A total of 905 alluring samples can be chosen specifically or by rolling the dice in the Samples section. Both the chords and samples combinations can be colored and shaped through multiple LFOs, envelopes, filters, and different FX types such as delay, reverb, and a limiter. On the main Control panel, you’ll be able to merge individual samples, such as vocals or synths, into a chord and control up to 8 different chords through the use of 1 finger. Record your own chords, import MIDI files, or choose out of the 224 included chord sets. By using the built-in effects strip you can quickly tweak your sound through distortion (bit crush), shaper, strum, verb, strum octave, drive, and tape. Use the XY pad to morph between different effects and embrace the happy accidents by using the randomization dice button.

NI’s head of UX & Market Research and co-creator of PLAYBOX, Nadine Raihani on the plugin: “Our goal as creators was to establish a sound library that didn’t just focus on one specific sound, but instead explored the full spectrum of sounds available to us, and embraced the happy accidents you come across when working with randomization,”

PLAYBOX comes at a standard price of €199. Currently, there is a special 25% discount running until April 24, being for sale at a price of €149.